Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks Ever So Much!

Dear People Who Used to Own our House,

As you probably know, we bought your house from you without even seeing it first. Oh, yes, we saw pictures, and fell in love with it. The paint on the walls is all the colors and styles that I love, but am afraid to try. Excellent choices, all, in my opinion. I'm even learning to appreciate brown a bit more.

I just wanted to write and thank you for all the things you left behind for us to enjoy. Our dog, Bella, has been having an absolute blast chewing up all the whiffle balls and other toys you left under the deck and around the back yard. Our son, Joseph, has been having an equally great time picking up all the little pieces of plastic that Bella leaves behind after her chewing.

The garage full of old clothes and toys was a nice surprise. We got to make one trip to Deseret Industries, and another to the dump just so we could fit some of our stuff in there. It must be noted, however, that the garage stuff wasn't actually an entire load for the dump. But that's ok, since you left a whole lot of trash outside for us to add to the junk in the garage. So no worries.

The other day, I had a clogged toilet, and was glad to remember that you had left us a plunger. What a help! It tided us over until I could go to the store and buy one that wasn't cracked through. I really appreciate that.

I think my favorite inheritance, though, is the trampoline. What joy! It's been great to watch my son trying to bounce up, and instead sink down to the ground. My brother and nephew were especially excited to be able to take a day to pry it apart and haul it to the dump. Good times. Maybe next time they're in town they'll have a party clearing all the trash and toys out of the window wells.

All in all, its been a joyous experience finishing your move out so that we could actually move in and make the place our own. And, best of all, you didn't tell us that the deck was sinking, that you'd had it raised once already, and it needs it again. Its like Christmas over here, with all the surprises!

Thanks again for everything,

PS The joke's on you with the hot tub, though--it was totally repairable. We'll think of you fondly this coming winter while we're enjoying this inadvertent gift!

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  1. priceless! we had a lot of crap to deal with when we moved in too, it is really annoying. glad your brother and nephew were able to help you out. ;)